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Sells a variety of candle shapes, candle holders, gel, votive, pillar, and aromatherapy candles.
Aromatherapy products, candles and holders, incense, and figurines.
Wake up your senses with Aromafloria Bath & Body Aromatherapy products
Aromatherapy Classes Online With Certificate of Completion and so much more!
Offering ceramic vases, candles, car aroma, ecological jars with aromatic jelly and scented fruit.
All natural, alcohol free flower essences, aromatherapy and personalized blends created on a micro-eco farm and wildlife sanctuary.
Unique aromatherapy blends: Anti Snoring Blend, Eczema Blend, Sinuses Clearing Blend, The Immune Booster and other blends.
Specialising in high quality aromatherapy gift collections including single
Ready made aromatherapy products and remedies for skin care stress
Balm of Gilead, Aromatherapy, Essential oils, Herbal Therapy Products and more.
Natural, handmade soaps & aromatherapy bath & body products for your Home Spa.
Selection of various aromatherapy, holiday, scented, and novelty candles.
Organic essential oils, carrier oils, hydrosols & clay masks.
Since 1977. Organic and wildcratfed essential oils. Perfume oils for soaps, candles, incense and potpourris.
An Aromatherapy company that offers pure GC-MS analyzed essential oils, blends.