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Alternative Medicine

Sexual Health Care [Reciprocal Link]
Sexualhealthcare provides information on how to control and maintain weight during menopause.
Acupuncture and herbs for pain; infertility and women's health.
Angel Chiropractic Clinic provides effective relief from pain and discomfort in patients of all ages and a variety of conditions.
Biotherapy Alternative Medicine Clinic and online store.
For pain conditions of neck, shoulder, back, hip, knee including carpal tunnel, migraine headache, scoliosis and TMJ.
Cleansing and detoxifying program combining liquid diet, herbal supplements, and fasting. Offers complete detox kits or instructional book.
Patients with intestinal gas conditions . . .can go out to public places without fear of emitting embarrassing odors.
Healthy Coffee (tastes great, assists detox of body), Masters Miracle products (detox & balance your pH), Ear Candles, Flower Essences, Pet Calm.
ZOSYN (Piperacillin/Tazobactam) is an intravenous antibiotic for moderate to severe infections.