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PVC Guttering

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

PVC guttering is available in a number of different profiles; Half round, square, deepflow and ogee are the most popular shapes, with every manufacturer giving a unique name to their profiles, such as “deepcap”, “polyflow” and “regency” for example. Names however can be somewhat misleading – half round gutter is actually more of a half oval shape, and square gutter is actually a rectilinear shape. Deepflow is a semi-elliptical shape that provides a greater carrying capacity and a higher flow rate, making it suitable for larger roofs and those with a steeper pitch. Ogee gutter is a more traditional shape, with decorative moulded lines on the front of the profile.

A variety of colours is available, with black and white being the most popular, followed by brown and then grey. Caramel, a toffee brown colour, is also available from a number of manufacturers, as is Sand, which is a light tan colour. Whilst all black guttering generally looks the same, white, brown and grey do come in a variety of shades, so if you are trying to match your gutter with your neighbours you should take a small sample with you to the retail outlet to check the colour likeness.

Whichever system and colour you decide to buy, you should make sure it is covered by a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee, which gives an indemnity against any colour fading or structural defects. Most of the leading manufacturers do provide this, but it always best to check – you should also ask whether the system is BBA approved or manufactured to the relevant British Standard.

Whilst it would be a great help if all manufacturers profiles were to be interchangeable in terms of size and fit, this is often not the case. Whilst there has been a degree of standardisation amongst manufacturers in recent years, particularly with the half round system, it is always advisable to check when buying replacement fittings – all manufacturers can provide this information and most publish it on their website. All manufacturers do however provide adaptors to allow you to join their systems to their own different profiles and to traditional cast iron half round and ogee profiles.

A recent innovation has been the introduction of “cast iron effect” PVC gutter. This effect is achieved by introducing a second stage into the manufacturing process, whereby standard profiles and fittings are spray painted, producing a stippled finish than mimics the appearance of traditional cast iron. The overall result is effective, particularly when the gutter is viewed from ground level, and the system is enhanced by moulded fittings such as hopper heads and “eared” pipe clips which closely resemble the architectural design of gutter fittings from the early twentieth century.

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