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Ways to Design Charity T-Shirts

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

Bold designs work well for charity t-shirts
Charity t-shirts need to grab attention, even if they are produced for a single event (perhaps explaining why several hundred people are dressed in strange costumes and running en masse) they help to spread the word about your charity in the long term as people will keep the t-shirts and wear them afterwards.

Striking, simple designs with powerful colours are the ones to go for, drawing the eye and inviting people to read whatever is written on the t-shirts. Which leads us nicely onto three critical things you should try to include on your charity t-shirt:

Charity t-shirt critical element No. 1: the charity’s logo
If your charity has a logo, then that should be the starting point of your design. It may be that you have an annual event that has a logo of its own, or at least a motif that is eye-catching. Look at the colours in the logo, as that will inform the colours you should use for the base t-shirt and also the lettering.

Don’t worry if your charity doesn’t have a logo; simply the name of your charity in an attractive font will serve, and should also be a key feature of the design.

Charity t-shirt critical element No. 2: the charity’s website
Don’t waste a great opportunity to give extra exposure to your charity’s website. If the URL isn’t too long, put it on the t-shirt in nice big letters so that spectators of the event can see it from a distance.

Charity t-shirt critical element No. 3: the charity’s tagline
One of the best elements you can include to increase awareness of your charitable cause is a snappy tagline expressing the core of your charity’s focus. It may be that your charity’s name seems quite self-explanatory, but there is always something you can add to appeal to like-minded individuals. For example, if your charity raises money for an animal shelter, why not add a tagline along the lines of “Giving unwanted pets the home they deserve” to really bring home what your charity achieves.

Customised Clothing for Charity Events

Monday, June 4th, 2012

Customised clothing can be used to boost morale amongst your helpers, raise money and help with the running of events, it’s just a matter of picking the right garment for customisation.Personalised clothing for charities

If you run regular events, and have a pool of regular volunteers or staff, consider providing personalised clothing that is branded with the charity logo, website and even tagline – and has a specific colour or design that only helpers and staff can wear. There are multiple benefits:

Participants in fundraising events will be able to identify staff and helpers very quickly
High-quality customised garments can boost morale amongst your staff and volunteers, and help to make them feel part of a team
The logo and website will help to keep your charity and its cause visible

Charity t-shirts for event participants

If you are running an event with a fee to participate, you could offer a free t-shirt as part of the price. This works well for events with large numbers of people, as bulk orders of printed t-shirts lower the cost of each garment. Again, ensure that the logo and website for your charity are part of the design, and keep the design to as few colours as possible to keep the costs low.

Running shirts and technical vests for charity fun runs and marathons

If you are planning to organise a fun run, or perhaps organise a team to participate in a marathon, why not customise running shirts and technical vests for the event?

These can be a great giveaway with a signing up fee as the serious runners participating will be more likely to wear a technical vest than a cotton t-shirt, thereby increasing your charity’s visibility.

Jackets and hoodies

If you hold charity events over the year, you’re likely to have volunteers and participants out in all weathers. Don’t forget to look into customised jackets and hoodies, again with your charity’s details printed on them, for people to wear in bad weather.

The cost of customised clothing for charities

If your charity has no budget for personalised clothing, consider approaching local businesses for sponsorship. You could offer a banner display at the events, mentions in event programmes, buttons on your website and special mentions in newsletters. These are preferable to offering to put their company logo on the garments themselves, so the impact of your design isn’t affected.


The choice of clothing available for personalisation is greater than ever. The best customised clothing for your charity event will take into account the time of year, the type of charity you have, whether the clothing is for one or several events and whether you intend to sell it or give it away as an incentive. Taking the time to consider the options can not only raise money for your charity, but also raise your charity’s profile.