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Guide To Buy Golf Carts and Trolleys

Getting serious about your game of golf means that you will spend a lot of time on the course, but that does not mean that you will want to carry around thirty pounds of golf clubs and gear every time you step onto the course. If you are trying to avoid spending a few thousand dollars on a golf cart, and you want to make your game less stressful on your back and arms, then you can find golf carts and trolleys that will do all of the carrying for you.

Remote Electric Trolley

Of all of the golf carts and trolleys that are available, the remote controlled electric trolley is the easiest for you to use. With normal electric golf trolleys, you need to guide the caddy with your hand as you walk along. With a remote controlled trolley, all you need to do it point and click to move your clubs to the next hole.

The main benefit of both of these types of trolley is that you will not have to bend or stoop to move your clubs, and you will not have to carry all of that weight on your back. Electrical trolleys are especially helpful when you golf seasonally, and you simply don’t have the energy to get through that first round of golf when the weather warms up.

Push Trolley

Push golf trolleys are also very helpful when you do not want to carry the weight of your clubs on your back. These golf carts and trolleys also come with all terrain wheels, so that you will not have to worry about getting stuck when the weather turns rainy and the seventh hole turns to mud and rock, or doing any damage to the course.

Obviously, the push golf trolley is going to be less costly, so you can save a little money as long as you are willing to exert a little more effort on the course. Since you are already getting plenty of exercise by walking through the eighteen holes, you may want to weigh your options carefully before you decide.

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