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Buying US Flags Online

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

American Flags are displayed proudly in many office buildings, schools, colleges and even cars. The flag lovers can now shop online as well. A flag of any country is a symbol of freedom, love and sacrifice of millions of its citizens in the battle field. American flag was first displayed in the year 1776 to commemorate the beginning of a new nation.

What are the flags made of?

The flags are mostly made of dupont nylon fabrics. This fabric is specially developed for the flags. The tight weaving provides luster to the cloth and maximum flyability. The colours are brilliant and its weaving prevents the pollution from getting attracted. It is water repellent and so is best suitable for outdoor activities.

Features of US flags that are hanged outdoors

• The US flags are double stitched with tough synthetic threads.
• The flying ends are reinforced with four rows of stitching.
• The finishing of the US flags is sometimes done with heading and brass grommets.
• Generally the sizes larger than 8 x 12′ have roped headings.
• Most of the flag providers will give you sewn stars for sizes larger than 10 x 15′.

All other smaller sizes will have embroidered stars.

Before buying flags you must know some essential flag etiquettes

• Make sure that flag is not touching the ground at all cost.
• You must display it at all weather conditions, so you must buy all weather flags.
• You must hang it in correct position always i.e. the blue star on top left.
• You must never employ it for making clothing.
• If you feel like discarding your old flag then you must burn it in dignified manner.

Buying US flags online

You can buy the flags online. The online stores provide you flags at discounted rates. To know more about the US flags and where can you buy them from kindly search the net. The net is flooded with such online traders who are into manufacturing and selling of the flags.

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Purchase American Flags Online

Sunday, December 20th, 2009

Every country has a special honour for its national flag and it displays its exclusive uniqueness. If you’re an American citizen, you might purchase a flag at some point, for a holiday, ceremony, or to display on your property as a form of patriotism. American flags should be displayed at schools and government buildings, and they can be displayed in your home for various reasons.

Holidays, such as July 4th, are often times to display the flag. If you go through any city or town, American flags are almost always on display around this time of year. Although patriotism is appropriate at all times, July 4th is the national day of independence, and showing your pride is accepted all around. July 4th isn’t the only holiday in which American flags are displayed prominently, and other summer holidays like Labor Day and Memorial Day have flags displayed prominently to symbolize values associated with it.

Holidays aren’t the only times in which the flag is displayed prominently. In fact, American flags should be on display in public schools and government buildings. When you were a student, you probably remember a standard size flag displayed in your school’s auditorium. A smaller flag might have been displayed in your classroom each day, so that when you said the Pledge of Allegiance, you and your classmates could turn in the direction of the flag. In addition, a larger flag would have been displayed on a tall flagpole outside. Government organizations and buildings may not have their workers say the Pledge every day, but having at least an American flag outside is necessary.

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