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Custom Make Charity T-Shirts

Wednesday, September 9th, 2015

Nothing can be a permanent symbol of your passion for a cause than your charity t-shirts. Today, you can avail them from various online stores that support social cause. T-shirts supporting social cause are like a souvenir, which can stay with you for the rest of your life if maintained properly. The online stores have plenty of options in terms of shirt color, style, message and the type of cause you want to support. You can have them custom made by choosing your own image, color and message. Custom made t-shirts have a uniqueness of its own. They spread awareness on social issues in the most unique manner, as your self-composed message will make your t-shirt stand apart from the others.

Steps to help you get your customized t-shirts:

Decide the cause you want to support. You have a range of options to choose from. There are social and health issues like poverty, unemployment, sexual harassment, child abuse, molestation, HIV, cancer, autism etc. to choose from. The choice is completely yours. Visit a website which supports your chosen cause.

While you have the option to choose from the range of charity t-shirts already put on display, some websites have the option to help you customize them. When you purchase t-shirts from a website supporting a cause, you are indirectly helping them raise funds for the cause. Similarly you are contributing to the organization when you have your t-shirts supporting social cause custom made from the same site.

However, if you do not get the option to customize your t-shirts from these website supporting social cause, you can always visit websites which deal in customizing t-shirts solely. Through the purchase of such websites you are not raising any funds for the cause.

The reputed stores online sell quality products, hence you need not have to worry about the authenticity of your material. You need to ensure that you are visiting a genuine online store that is genuinely supporting the society and spreading awareness.

The websites which provides the option to customize charity t-shirts have a range of design patterns, logos, images, colors etc. to help you design your charity t-shirts just the way you want.

Follow the step as instructed, composed your own message in support of your chosen cause and get your customized t-shirts supporting social cause.

The last few steps include filling the address details, and paying the bill. You will get your custom made charity t-shirts delivered at your doorstep within the said number of days.

Custom made t-shirts have become widely popular today more so for the uniqueness it renders through one’s self composed message. They are different in style from the regular t-shirts supporting social cause and hence help you stand apart from those supporting the same cause as you. Get your charity t-shirts custom made today and help spread awareness around. You are helping the world to be a better place, to make the affected one’s feel loved and special, and to encourage others to follow in your footstep and help the society.

Ways to Design Charity T-Shirts

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

Bold designs work well for charity t-shirts
Charity t-shirts need to grab attention, even if they are produced for a single event (perhaps explaining why several hundred people are dressed in strange costumes and running en masse) they help to spread the word about your charity in the long term as people will keep the t-shirts and wear them afterwards.

Striking, simple designs with powerful colours are the ones to go for, drawing the eye and inviting people to read whatever is written on the t-shirts. Which leads us nicely onto three critical things you should try to include on your charity t-shirt:

Charity t-shirt critical element No. 1: the charity’s logo
If your charity has a logo, then that should be the starting point of your design. It may be that you have an annual event that has a logo of its own, or at least a motif that is eye-catching. Look at the colours in the logo, as that will inform the colours you should use for the base t-shirt and also the lettering.

Don’t worry if your charity doesn’t have a logo; simply the name of your charity in an attractive font will serve, and should also be a key feature of the design.

Charity t-shirt critical element No. 2: the charity’s website
Don’t waste a great opportunity to give extra exposure to your charity’s website. If the URL isn’t too long, put it on the t-shirt in nice big letters so that spectators of the event can see it from a distance.

Charity t-shirt critical element No. 3: the charity’s tagline
One of the best elements you can include to increase awareness of your charitable cause is a snappy tagline expressing the core of your charity’s focus. It may be that your charity’s name seems quite self-explanatory, but there is always something you can add to appeal to like-minded individuals. For example, if your charity raises money for an animal shelter, why not add a tagline along the lines of “Giving unwanted pets the home they deserve” to really bring home what your charity achieves.