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iPhone Case and the Different Types Available

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

When you buy one of the best smart phones available in the market, it deserves to be protected by one of the best iPhone cases. Since there are a wide variety of cases for these phones, it is a good idea to evaluate the ones available in the market in order to buy one of the best.

Purchasing a case can not only provide another level of protection, act as that needed barrier to prevent any lasting damage from reaching your phone but also give you a way to make your phone feel unique by adding a case featuring a design that stylizes who you are and what your likes or hobbies are. For example if you’re a cat person there are tons of cat themed cases and covers to choose from. While there is an ever growing amount of cases ranging from different styles, colors, texture and design there are two main categories that most cases fall into and that is either a hard plastic or soft gel case.

Silicon and Soft Gel Cases

Generally soft gel cases provide a higher level of protection because they’re usually thicker than their plastic counterpart and also because the material used is often silicon or a similar material but always they are extremely scratch resistant and shock to protect if accidentally dropped. The down side to soft gel cases however is that for the most part they don’t offer much in the way of design. Unlike the hard plastic cases that feature high resolution digitally printed designs on the rear panel, soft gel cases are mostly solid colors or feature simple designs. To make up for this some designers add 3D effects to their cases such as cat ears, skateboard wheels, sandal straps, etc. This isn’t possible on hard plastic cases because it would be too bulky and the plastic material isn’t flexible like the soft gel. One thing to keep in mind if you do decide to get a soft gel case is that they do stretch out over time. This takes a long time to happen and some cases last longer than others but eventually they stretch out to a larger size than your iPhone rendering them useless. It doesn’t help if you put on and take off the case often, think of taking a rubber band and stretching it constantly, eventually it will lose its elasticity.

Hard Plastic Cases

Plastic cases provide a great balance between good graphical design options and much needed durability while remaining practical. These types of cases are prone to cracking or generally breaking beyond use if dropped from a moderate distance but they do provide a reasonable amount of protection against scratches, dings and dust that might gather on your phone. The plastic cases are usually designed in a sleek and modern style so they tend to be less bulky than the standard soft silicon cases making them an ideal choice for those who use their phone a lot or for business. One of the best things about hard plastic cases is their graphical design; they provide an empty canvas for designers to print a cool graphic or image. Usually the designs are only printed on the rear facing panel but sometimes the design calls for a full wrap of the case making them truly unique and one of a kind.

Now that you know the two most common types of phone cases available you can go out and make an informed decision about which one is better suited for your needs. If shopping online remember that it’s best to browse around for the best price as in most cases you’ll find the same case in multiple locations and the prices get can competitively.

A Coffee Cup – Great Idea for All Occasions

Wednesday, June 19th, 2013

You may want to consider giving someone you care about a coffee cup. It makes a great gift because it is so unique and can be customized to accommodate every occasion. They can be purchased in a variety of shapes and sizes, in all sorts of colours and patterns, including slogans and logos that are bound to impress or get a laugh from the recipient of this excellent gift idea. Try giving a one to a loved one today and watch their face light up as they begin to enjoy a hot steaming cup of tea in their brand new specialty mug.

The coffee cup or mug could that would be bought for a birthday or anniversary could be printed with the date of their special day printed on it or the coffee cup could have Christmas designs embellished on it to make a unique Christmas gift. Giving a Christmas cup near the holidays is a great way to get people to feel that Christmas spirit year round as they drink from their gift cup. Another great way to give one of these gifts would be a christening gift as you could commemorate the occasion with a photograph of the child on the cup to give to the child when they are older.

There are also cups that represent local sports teams, organizations and charities. These make great gifts and can also be used to raise money for the sports fan or social club. You can choose a colourful and creative design featuring their favourite sports team’s logo and work from there to create an awesome gift experience.

Personalized cups: These types of coffee cups can be made personal to whatever extent you want to. They can have a photograph of someone or some special place printed on it or even a love poem or a picture of your pet. Imagine the exciting humour of drinking a cup of coffee from a coffee cup with your face on it!

Great Additions

Along with your coffee cup, there is a variety of coffee-related gifts you can consider giving. Easter is a good time to give a coffee cup as you can fill the cup with an egg or chocolates. You could also add coffee beans or tea in the mug as part of a package and string it together with a special bow. You can also give matching coffee equipment or other items that work well with the cup such as coffee makers or specialty coffee tools such as a grounds press that helps crush those beans into luscious ground coffee. The possibilities are endless in terms of giving a gift to the coffee lover in your family, so try it out with a basic coffee cup and work your way up. Your friends and family will be impressed at how thoughtful you can be!

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