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Maintain Your Homes Clean All Day

Sunday, November 15th, 2009

Daily home cleaning is essential in keeping your homes ready for a surprise visit from a guest. A clean house will prevent you from the embarrassment you may get when a friend visits you and sees your house all messed up. Follow these simple tips on how you can maintain the cleanliness of your homes everyday.

Clean your floors using vacuum cleaners. It is the most effective and efficient way of removing all the dust and loose stuffs that clutter your flooring. This has to be a daily regimen by the way especially when you have pets with you. A carpet sweeper and dry mop can also do the job well. However it will be more work for you this way but can also save you the time from plugging and unplugging the vacuum and fixing the wirings.

Next is mopping your floor. There are new and available mops out in the market than your usual rag mop. However, your conventional rag will also do the work and nothing else will get that stubborn dirt out of those nicks and depressions on your tiles. Now, rag mops can be any piece of cloth but be sure it is a lint-free type.

You would want to use a home cleaning product that is natural and safe to use. Natural cleaning like these are very much available online. Also, make sure to read the labels and warning signs on the container. Nothing beats a good scrub with cleaning your floors. You will immediately notice a “shine” factor on your flooring.

Washing your dishes is certainly a “must do” daily activity. You may either do a manual handwashing or you can use the oh-so-useful dishwasher. It is recommended that you fill your dishwasher completely and run it immediately after using your dishes. Big cooking stuffs like your pots and pans do not fit very well in the dishwasher so it is best cleaned by manual hand-washing.

When you consider products for using, Dawn dishwashing liquid is a good for your chose. Since its creation in 1973, Dawn dishwashing liquid has been known for superior grease-fighting power. It’s so effective on dishes, pots and pans, that over the years, consumers have used Dawn on other greasy messes around their homes, from kitchen appliances to oily spots in the garage. Animal rescuers have even discovered that it’s a great way to remove grease from animals in oil spill cleanups. As a result, Dawn has helped conservation organizations save thousands of animals for over 35 years. Today, Dawn products has grown into an international family of products that is dedicated to innovation and that answers consumers’ ever-changing needs.

You would now if you have washed your dishes properly if you hear a squeaky sound when you run your fingers on it. If it feels greasy, then you might want to rewash your dishes. Dry them before putting them on their racks. This is important as moist plates and dishes are more prone to bacteria and other microorganisms, which we do not want!